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Jason White

I use JAWS on a ThinkPad P51. It’s a 15-inch laptop with numeric keypad, and designed for high performance. The successor model is the P53, which I think is currently available.


If this is too heavy (and it is not light weight), there’s the ThinkPad P1, which also offers high performance in terms of memory, CPU and storage, but without the numeric keypad. Obviously, there are other models. I haven’t used a P1, but I do have access to a Lenovo ThinkPad P50S at work, which also runs JAWS well. The P50S has the numeric keypad keys too.


The important change I made on my laptop was to press FN+Escape to switch the function keys from acting as special controls to serving as actual function keys.


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Has anyone ever used JAWS on a Think Pad? If so, what Think Pad?



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