Moderated Re: help with correcting a misspelled word

Adrian Spratt

Hi, Denise.


I want to be sure I understand the problem. Did you add a word to the Word dictionary, only to realize you’d misspelled it? and now you want to remove that added spelling/word?


Word used to have a function that made such a fix easy. I think it was an “options” button. But it it’s no longer there in Word 2016. I don’t know about immediately preceding or later versions.


If this is a correct interpretation of your query, please give the list the version number of Word you’re using so that the answer can be responsive.


From: <> On Behalf Of Denise J Moses
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2019 4:37 PM
Subject: help with correcting a mispelled word


In a document I changed a word in spell check that I thought was correct.  I discovered later that I had misspelled that word.  I typed the correct spelling in my document & then opened spell check.  It only showed me the misspelled word from before & there was no option to delete or add the corrected spelling.  Where do I make this change?  I went into dictionary manager & it only showed me languages.  The example of the word I am describing is this; Zorumites is the word I changed but is misspelled.  Zoramites is the correct spelling.

Thanks for the help.



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