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David Griffith

I realised that there had been thread drift away from the actual focus issue so I have resubmitted my post with an amended subject. See below.

I bought a mechanical "gamers" keyboard from Amazon and it is one of my best ever purchases. Apparently it has various LED lights on it which I cannot see but apart from that it feels just an old fashioned big ergonomic beast which has large, noisy clickable keys, spaced out numpad and 6 pack, plus functions keys in blocks of4 keys which makes identifying them easy. The only tactile dots I have added my self is on the 5 and the 0 keys on the number row.
Amazon describes my keyboard as follows.
Mechanical Keyboard, [High Quality]Pictek Gaming Keyboard 105-Key LED with Multi-color 9 Backlight and USB Cable Attached Key Cap Puller Fit for Gamer PICTEKSold by: YongTop

David Griffith

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I have mechanical keyboards at work and this Alt key thing is never an issue any more for me.
I happens occasionally on my Logitech K780 which I use at home, but I would say it's once a month or even less often.
This is with Jaws 2020 now although I don't recall it being worse in 2019. The losing focus issue happens a bit more often, but it certainly sounds like some people experience this a lot more often as well, I can typically Alt Tab between a bunch of open applications without any problems. Sometimes if I close an application I do lose focus and then pressing either Windows + M to minimize to the desktop works or pressing Alt Tab to go to another open application.

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I am so pleased you have mentioned this as I was going to buy a new keyboard, thinking that my keyboard might be at fault.
Almost everytime I use a combination of keys like alt/tab or windows key/d to get to the desktop, the computer behaves as though the alt or windows key is still depressed - it isn't, but that is how it behaves. In fact it happens for that little group of three keys, alt, windows key and the control key, but it is the alt which is particularly nuisancesome.

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I get worse. I get the alt key spoken with any other key when switching screens, such as alt down arrow, alt tab, etc.


Maria Campbell

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On 11/17/2019 5:37 PM, Ron Kolesar wrote:
Hi to all.
Every time I turn around I'm hearing jaws lost focus.
I hope that this is going to be fixed in the December upgrade.
Or, would someone have a fix for this?
Many Thanks.
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