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Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Same with me here. I use the alt a lot because I have six languages stored
and have to cycle with alt-shift among them. Often alt especially, appears
depressed and prevents me from doing other things. I also recently had a
problem when taskbar somehow pops up and freezes jaws and perhaps, movement
of keys. Then, it either takes me an effort to get out of this, often by
quitting and restarting jaws, but I somehow often get to a page which
concerns screen magnification which I understand, is a narrator thing from
which I exit with some hard effort. Unlike with a previous posting, narrator
doesn't seem to start together with jaws, but comes in later, me being
unable to say what has gone wrong.
Cheers to all,

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I am so pleased you have mentioned this as I was going to buy a new
keyboard, thinking that my keyboard might be at fault.
Almost everytime I use a combination of keys like alt/tab or windows key/d
to get to the desktop, the computer behaves as though the alt or windows key
is still depressed - it isn't, but that is how it behaves. In fact it
happens for that little group of three keys, alt, windows key and the
control key, but it is the alt which is particularly nuisancesome.

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I get worse.  I get the alt key spoken with any other key when switching
screens, such as alt down arrow, alt tab, etc.


Maria Campbell

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On 11/17/2019 5:37 PM, Ron Kolesar wrote:
Hi to all.
Every time I turn around I'm hearing jaws lost focus.
I hope that this is going to be fixed in the December upgrade.
Or, would someone have a fix for this?
Many Thanks.
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