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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Can you be a bit more specific? When this happens are you in an application, on the desktop?
Does this happen if the computer is just sitting there and you are not touching it or does it happen if you are doing something, e.g. switching to another open application with Alt + Tab, while you are typing an email or doing other stuff?
Try to give some examples.
On my laptop Jaws said something like that a few days ago when I wasn't doing anything. When I checked it was sitting on some blank screen, I didn't have any applications open, but it wasn't focused on the desktop, either. As soon as I pressed Windows Key + M to put focus on the desktop that stopped.

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Hi to all.
Every time I turn around I'm hearing jaws lost focus.
I hope that this is going to be fixed in the December upgrade.
Or, would someone have a fix for this?
Many Thanks.
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