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And then the question remains that if you did this a few years ago when Windows 10 first came out whether it it still possible today since every update brings security changes and enhancements.
I really would have been surprised if a password was stored somewhere in clear text where it could easily be retrieved.
I CC the Win 10 list here because there are some very good people on there including some from Microsoft and maybe they can clarify this. The question is:
If somebody was given a Windows 10 computer, let's assume it has a fairly recent version of Windows 10 like 1903 or at least 1809, are they utilities which can be easily obtained which would allow for the password to be retrieved or even changed to something new and by that I mean could I change the password on the main account without knowing the original?
I think this might be something joseph or Brian might be able to comment on.


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Now that I remember it, it's been a while since I've had to do this for someone who didn't have their password, I think the tool that comes on Win PE only allows you to change it, not retrieve it.
I believe passwords are encrypted into the registry and it would take some heavy duty encryption software to crack the encryption.
But whenever I change the password for someone, that is as good as knowing the original, as you then log into that account with the password you created and the original password is no longer valid.
It is all the product keys that you can display as well with that Win PE and that is what I recalled one of the utilities showing .
I had one friend who let her sister use her computer and that was around the time when Microsoft released Windows 10 as an update which pissed off lots of people, her sister thought that she was just updating my friend's computer and she actually upgraded it to 10 and when it rebooted, it needed to create an account with a password, and her sister forgot what she put in, so my friend could not get into her own computer any more.
I've gotten the passwords on a couple other computers as well, for myself and for other friends.
There I go again, I didn't get the passwords, I changed them, but like I mentioned, affectively the same thing.
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Any one of them that Carlos made that come up talking with NVDA, 10
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would you be talking about the talking windows 10 pe?

On 17/11/2019, Glenn / Lenny <> wrote:
If you burn the talking Win PE to disk or USB and boot up, you can
detect all the passwords on your computer with a tool that is on it.
That is the Win PE with eSpeak, not the one with Eloquence.
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Yes, no password can be bypassed by taking out a small piece.
I still would like to know about Windows passwords and if they can
really be

discovered as easily as Glen and some others here say they can.
As for Apple, what was said is correct. This case was when those two

shot and killed a bunch of people during this Christmas party I think in
California and I think it was now 2 years ago or maybe even 3.
Apple said they can't get into the iPhone which, by the way, was not as
secure as today's iPhones are, and I think the FBI hired some Israeli
company who tried to get in, millions were spent and I honestly can't
remember if they succeeded or not.
As for the Face Id thing and a thief pointing it at you that is only

to some degree. If somebody snatched your iPhone and stuck around all
would have to do is cover your Face with your hands if you are worried.
the same time if a thief stuck around they could just as easily grab
hand and put your finger on the Touch Id home button or, even better,
you for the passcode. If somebody is that callus I doubt a lot of people
would keep their passcode to themselves after a few slaps or punches or
being shoved to the ground and kicked a few times which some such
probably have few scruples to do.
The fact is that even if he can unlock your phone once with Face Id, he

to make sure it doesn't lock and having unlocked it with Face Id or
Touch Id

won't do them any good if they want to reset the phone to sell it or
even if

they want to get into it and disable or change the Face Id/Touch Id/PIN
option. As soon as you go to Settings > Passcode you have to enter you
passcode. Apple security is indeed very good, even if your phone was

and they have your PIN, you could wipe the phone and permanently disable

if you quickly log into iCloud and Find My iPhone also cannot be
without the passcode, the only way to stop it from working is to turn
the phone.

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So would I.

Love in Christ
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers,
against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against
spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to

in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.
Ephesians 6:12, 13
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I would love to know what that computer tech meant by taking out a small
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This entire security thing seems as farcical as face I D on iPhones. In
order to get into your iPhone all the thief needs to do is point the
at you and poof he or she can use your device. I'm sure I am wrong but a
computer tech told me years ago all one needs to do to use a password
protected computer is take out a small piece and then anyone can use it
after that.

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try looking for a software called konboot that should allow you to log
those accounts with a password and remove them I think.
otherwise you may have to re--install windows thus removing everything
the system and starting from scratch.

Legend has it that on Friday 11/15/2019 10:23 PM, Marty Hutchings said:
I have a used computer that a neighbor gave me. It is a Windows7 OS.
It has 3 password protected user accounts on it that are using
2/3 of the hard drive space. I don't know the passwords. Is there any
way that I can remove these accounts? Can this computer be restored to
factory fresh without a Windows 7 disk?

kind regards,
Majid Hussain

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