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JM Casey

Yes, and I believe Apple caved in, if I remember right.

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I remember the United States threatening to take Apple to court a while
back. They needed to know how to by pass the security on an iPhone owned by
a terrorist.

I doubt if Apple's password protection is ludacris.


James B

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This entire security thing seems as farcical as face I D on iPhones. In
order to get into your iPhone all the thief needs to do is point the device
at you and poof he or she can use your device. I'm sure I am wrong but a
computer tech told me years ago all one needs to do to use a password
protected computer is take out a small piece and then anyone can use it
after that.

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try looking for a software called konboot that should allow you to log in to
those accounts with a password and remove them I think.
otherwise you may have to re--install windows thus removing everything on
the system and starting from scratch.

Legend has it that on Friday 11/15/2019 10:23 PM, Marty Hutchings said:
I have a used computer that a neighbor gave me. It is a Windows7 OS.
It has 3 password protected user accounts on it that are using
2/3 of the hard drive space. I don't know the passwords. Is there any
way that I can remove these accounts? Can this computer be restored to
factory fresh without a Windows 7 disk?

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