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David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

Hi, Maria.

Brave is a great browser. While its accessibility was not all that great
in its earlier days it is now wonderfully accessible as it uses the
Chromium engine and will, in many ways, be like using Chrome. I love it
but I haven't made it my primary browser because, as of a month or so
ago, it did not have the ability to assign shortcut keys to run specific
extensions. As an example, with Google Chrome I use an extension called
Mercury Reader which cleans up a Web page and displays just the text
without much of the extraneous content. I can assign a hotkey to this
extension to quickly place a compatible page into reader mode. Brave did
not allow me to do this. However, for many people this may be a nonissue
and it is likely that Brave will eventually implement this feature,
particularly if others request it beside just me.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

On 11/14/2019 7:01 PM, Maria Campbell wrote:
I'm hearing good things about this browser.  What should I know about
it--set up, accessibility, navigation, etc.?  Thanks.

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