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Chris Hill

I don't think Jaws is going to have anything to do with your problem.  If HP doesn't have an updated driver, you're probably just out of luck.

On 11/14/2019 10:03, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi list ken here.  A question. Yesterday after six wasted hours trying to get my computer updated to the new windows.  I discovered that thanks to HP, I can’t upgrade any further than 1903 because of the drivers.  HP has drivers from windows 7 and the no longer work.  I couldn’t even install the cumulative update/patch for 1903 got error and retry four time.  Last night howe ver had an idea.  I have installed jaws 2020 running in 40 minute mode as a backup.  Jaws does give you some things it needs to run like the Microsoft visual C libraries.  This was why I couldn’t run edcast encoders on a radio show they wouldn’t load without something in the computer.  Does anyone know on list if by chance jaws gives you any updated drivers that will work with windows 10 1909 update or do I have to get them from HP?  Thanks. 


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