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John Covici

Total recorder website seems to be up and running, how do you know
there is no longer technical support?

On Mon, 11 Nov 2019 13:22:17 -0500,
David Griffith wrote:

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If you simply want to replace Total Recorder then use the excellent free Virtual Recorder.

I have it on DropBox on

It works fine in Windows 10 and is in my experience superior to Total Recorder and more reliable anyway.

It can record in a variety of formats.

If you want to edit mp3 files then GoldWave is an option but I normally find the free Mp3DirectCut quicker and easier to use.

B set beginning of selection and n marks the end of a selection. Del deletes , control c copies etc.

If you want to split a file press b, then n, and finally del key to set a cue point. Control T will then split your file at one or more cue point. There are loads of other features.

David Griffith


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