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My personal favorite has always been Goldwave.

To purchase it is $50.

You can use a fully functional copy to see how you like it.

It can use a Microphone, but I do not think it could record both a person talking and the speech synthesizer unless you have a mixer to go through or are just using the speaker sound for the synth.


It has lots of features too, but everything can be done form the keyboard.

Any good software is going to have a learning curve, but to get you started:

Dropping a queue point for the start of a clip is the left bracket.  The end tag is the right bracket.

Standard editing commands work to cut, or copy.

There are specific keystrokes for pasting say at the end of a track, which I think is control-e.

To paste into a new file is control-p.


There are settings to use different playback functions like play from the beginning, play only the selected material, etc.

It is worth spending time in the manual, but only read the sections that cover what you want to do.

You can download it from





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i'm recording trainings for blind and low vision people. For this, i used to use a software called Total Recorder for which there's no longer technical support.

I like it because it is really simple to cut, paste and insert chuncks of sounds within a file just like you would with text from a word processor. The point is that each time Windows updates it breaks my Total Recoder settins down along with the speed it records. I then spend lot of times to rescue and don't even really know how i eventually come up with my settings by chance.

That is why i'm looking for another recording software from which i could record my voice and caputre screen reader speaking out. I had a look at Audacity, but that something too complicated for what i'm doing (lot of  functionalities i don't need) and huge learning curve.

My other constraint is to be able to deal with uncompressed format like wav.

Could anyone advice either open source or payable sofwre, please?





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