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i'm recording trainings for blind and low vision people. For this, i used to use a software called Total Recorder for which there's no longer technical support.

I like it because it is really simple to cut, paste and insert chuncks of sounds within a file just like you would with text from a word processor. The point is that each time Windows updates it breaks my Total Recoder settins down along with the speed it records. I then spend lot of times to rescue and don't even really know how i eventually come up with my settings by chance.

That is why i'm looking for another recording software from which i could record my voice and caputre screen reader speaking out. I had a look at Audacity, but that something too complicated for what i'm doing (lot of  functionalities i don't need) and huge learning curve.

My other constraint is to be able to deal with uncompressed format like wav.

Could anyone advice either open source or payable sofwre, please?



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