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Glenn / Lenny

There are typically two ways to connect to a printer, one is via WIFI only, and the other is through the network.
You may connect to the network via WIFI, but for this, that is meaningless.
So if you installed the software for it on the computer, if you want to connect through the network, tell the install program that it is a network printer.
If the printer is not wired into your modem/router, you can only connect via WIFI, like you are connecting to a hotspot.
You will have more control over the printer if it's plugged into your network, and you install it as such.

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this animal connects I believe via wi-fi. My student says her phone found it without her doing anything. Will the computer find it? How do I make it happen? I have googled and can't find what I think I need.

thanks for any help.

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