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JM Casey

Well, I'm confused by this post -- David over there already said Hj-Pad
comes with a spell-check. I took his word for it because I don't think I've
even run the thing once.

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Hello All,
Its been a long while since Freedom Scientific has provided HJPad and if you
look at it very carefully and compare it with Wordpad, a simple and small
word processor that is bundled with Windows for as long as I can remember,
it is almost identical.
Freedom Scientific provides HJPad more as a notepad and it was not designed
for serious writing.
You could think of it as a way to create a shopping list and print it on a
printer so that when you go shopping with someone that person can refer to
it when helping you find items in the grocery store.
Now, I have heard that there is a spelling dictionary that can be linked to
HJPad but I don't know if it is still available and how well it works or
even how accessible it is.
I personally don't think that Freedom Scientific/Vispero will ever turn this
little program HJPad to the point where you wilol have a spell
checker/dictionary as then, it will cost us more to have the program as they
probably will have to buy a license for the spell checker/dictionary to be

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