Moderated Re: Spotify Desktop program for Windows and accessibility tips if I using JAWS for Windows 2019 or 2020

James English


If you press insert+z when you're on the songs, it'll work a lot better.

- James

On 11/10/19, Anders Boholdt-Petersen
<english_correspondences@...> wrote:
Hi everyone

Have some person on this list some tips and tricks related to how I setup
the Spotify Desktop program so I have the best accessibility with the
reader JAWS for Windows, and also if I should make some adjustment in JAWS?

At the time I write here, I e.g. not can skip to the next song with the
hotkeys in the Spotify desktop program (left control+right arrow) when JAWS
running. I must closing JAWS with Insert+F4 before the hotkeys working.

Thanks in advance for your answers.



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