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David Griffith

I saw some discussion of Notepad ++  on the NVDA list and the conclusion there  was that the Notepad ++ spell checker  addon was inaccessible even with the help of the NVDA addon but I would be happy to be told otherwise.

Another option is  of course Jarte which has a spell checker but again I find this less than easy to use with a screenreader, certainly not as easy as HJ Pad or the old style Word.

In the past I have tried Open and Libre Office but now avoid these as, apart from clunky accessibility in many areas they seemed to have an overly major impact on my Windows install and I ended up re-installing Windows to return to a cleaner leaner system.

The advantage of a small exe file like HJPad is that it is not a huge install impacting on general Windows usage and does not try to grab filetypes etc. For itself.

David Griffith

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There are some good open source word processors, such as Notpad ++

I don't know if it spell checks though.



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Dear List

I think many people forget that for over a decade now there has been a basic word processor provided with Jaws called HJ Pad.

On my system it is located in

C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2020\HJPAD.EXE

This is potentially a very useful utility. However it is unfortunately showing its age and takes a few seconds to load on my machine, normally after windows reporting a not responding message which then disappears.

This utility badly needs updating in other areas also but remains useful.

Whilst  this is by no means a fully fledge Word Processor in the style of Word many Word shortcuts work here. For example control H will bring up the replace dialogue with options for replace all etc. It also provide basic formatting with, if you need it bold, underline italics etc .  You will need  however to use Jaws key plus F to confirm format  information changes.


However I think the most valuable aspect to this little word processing utility lays not in format control but it extremely easy and accessible Spell checking functionality.


I find spellchecking in Word office subscription version increasingly un-intuitive. I can sort of use it but sometimes it appears to inexplicably miss obvious spelling errors. This is probably my user error but I never had problems with spell checking in earlier versions of Word and I do get a little lost amongst the mass of Grammar options Word now provides.


As result I am a little untrusting of Word, , especially for blog posting.


For quick and dirty checking of Blog posts HJPad is an option. The Spell Checker is not  modern, a little limited in vocabulary and any attempt to add a word to a User Dictionary results in an error message.

Nevertheless the Spell Checker is like stepping back in time to the easy early Word  Spell Checking dialogues and for quick blog checking is I think, still a useful free tool for Jaws

Users. I wish FS would devote just a little effort to update this utility as I am sure others would find it really useful with a little tweaking. With a slightly improved dictionary, and the repair of the broken ability to add words to a User dictionary it would really come in useful.

Also a basic script so that Jaws announces bold on  and off as control b and other formatting changes are made would also update this utility mightily.

If FS really cannot devote any time to updating this utility then perhaps they could  make it open source and freeware so that the VIP programming community could take this little product forward  and develop it to the benefit of screen reading users everywhere. It could then rise from obscurity to have a new life to assist many of us.

David Griffith


David Griffith


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