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James English


If it helps, I am using windows 10 with an I7 machine and jaws 2018.
The problem isn't that messenger (which is part of facebook) has
randomly changed, it's that it keeps reverting to this odd state every
6 weeks or so, and always on a particular random one of my browsers.
This time it is my (unextended) version of chrome, sometimes it is
internet explorer, sometimes it is firefox. The other browsers, aside
from the one it has decided to wrk strangely with, are fine; also it
is important to note that whenever it is working strangely, other
websites such as the online game also act
Re-installing whichever browser, doing a complete scan and deleting
all internet files fails to solve this strange issue for me.

On 11/8/19, JM Casey <> wrote:
So, it's hard to know if you are experiencing anything specifically oriented
toward your computer and setup with the description you have given. I am not
familiar with -- is it affiliated with facebook in some way?
If so -- Facebook is constantly tweaking and messing with their interface,
and they aren't the only ones. Since we use these "free" services, we are
basically used as testers for the various things they want to try. This
sometimes mean that yes, things disappear, appear in strange places, or not
as we would expect or maybe even want.

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I am starting to lose the plot with websites appearing strangely. This
happens on the odd occasion, lasts about 2 weeks and then sorts itself out
on its own: obviously I'd prefer if there was a way of sorting it out a lot
faster from my end.
It is browser independent though only appears to affect one browser at a
time )IE or Chrome), occurs with both jaws and nvda,and is highly annoying.
The best example I can give is with, wherein various things
(such as the search box) will disappear, and the conversation headings will
be replaced with blank lines.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated,
- James

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