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JM Casey

Funny, I noticed ctrl-w (well, I used ctrl-f4) closing the browser yesterday when I thought there was another tab open. My understanding of the behaviour is that if you only have one tab open, this will normalyl close the browser. So I just assumed that I was mistaken and had had only one tab opena nd not two as I had thought.

There must have been a chrome update lately as yesterday it started complaining about uBlock Origin, claiming it was a data security risk -- of course if you read between the lines, what it's actually saying is that it wants to use your data and uBlock is preventing this. lol

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It would be interesting to know if you get this same reaction when using NVDA. Lately, Chrome has been crashing a lot, and Ctrl+W, which ought to close a single tab, closes the browser. A knowledgeable user ai talked to told me that this happens much less with NVDA. According to him, FS said they cannot replicate the problem. He has reported it to Google.

Also, you know in Chrome settings that you can set PDF's to download rather than display in Chrome. But it doesn't sound like you are displaying in Chrome, so you may already have done this.


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Hi All,

I am a new user to Chrome. When I used to use IE, a PDF file would open in Adobe Reader and when I closed Adobe IE did not close. Since I have switched to Chrome, when I close a PDF file that I opened in Adobe and then close Adobe, Chrome closes as well. How can I set Chrome not to close when I close a PDF file? Thanks in advance!

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