moderated Re: Removing an annual license

Edward Green

Hi Ann,

If memory serves, to remove an activation you go to the JAWS entry in the programs list on your start menu, then Utilities, then Remove JAWS Authorization.

I don't know if this will increase the key count on FS Activate though, you may have to request a count reset too.

I should also say that that's the process for removing an ILM key, I'm guessing though don't know that it's the same or similar for removing an annual licence.



On 8 Nov 2019, at 16:56, Ann Byrne <> wrote:

´╗┐My student now owns a perpetual licensed copy of JFW. I would like to remove the annual license authorization for her computer and replace it with the ILM version. I supposed go to help and uninstall. what happens to the authorization indicator when I do that? Does it need to go to an external medium, or does it just disappear into oblivion able to be accessed through the estore/portal somehow???


Ann (serial 1598)

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