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I mainly use Office 2010 but have access to another machine with 2016.


Some mail still has to be sent on paper.  Agreed it is much less than in days past.





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Which version of office do you have?

I have 2016.

Besides, with almost everyone having a e-mail address now days, why would one want to worry about addressing envelopes?

Just my two cents on this topic.

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Subject: Re: Addressing envelopes


I use Microsoft Office to print envelopes.  It pulls the mailing address from an open letter and has a stored return address that can be printed or not as you wish.  There is also an address book option.


My printer tends to wrinkle the end of the envelope where the return address is printed.  If anyone knows how to rotate the printing so that the return address end of the envelope is printed first the wrinkle would be on the postage end where there is no printing.





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Subject: Addressing envelopes


Hello Fellow Listerrs,


This subject has probably been breached before, but here goes. Has anyone had any experience with an accessible envelope addressing software; whether, free or not.



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