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If I'm understanding your question, I don't have any great workarounds for identifying which labels are left on a sheet of Avery 5160 which contain 10 rows of 3 labels per row as I mentioned in my first post. I can sort of feel by touch which labels have been used so I can properly identify the row and column of the next unused label when printing individual labels. Also, when I've moved down a sheet so that the only ones left are the bottom two rows, I can flip the sheet over so that those two remaining rows are at the top so it's like I'm starting with row 1 again.


I hope this helps but post back if I misunderstood your question.




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I have had some problems putting individual labels into the correct spot on a partially used label sheet.  Do you have any suggestions for that?





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I learned a long time ago after repeated envelope jams in the office laser printer to print on labels instead of envelopes. I prefer the Avery 5160 labels which come 3 to a row with 10 rows for a total of 30 labels on a sheet the same size as an 8 and a half by 11 inch sheet of paper and that can be loaded in a laser printer paper tray. Microsoft Word allows for label printing and you can select the label type and style and either print a full page of the same label or specifically identify what row and column label you are printing and print them individually. The sheet never jams in my black and white laser printer and I remove the printed label from the sheet and stick it on my envelope of choice for mailing. I keep a full sheet of return address labels which I use as needed.


I recommend that those having trouble printing addresses on envelopes give this method a go. It works great with Word 2010.


Alan Lemly


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Yes, that is true. The instructions I gave assumed you were in M S Word.




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You are not making any sense.  You cannot print an envelope without some kind of program.  You cannot simply place an envelope in the printer and print an address on it without launching a program like MS Word to print it.  So which program are you using?





On 11/6/2019 3:56 AM, CJ &AA MAY wrote:

Until I bought my Dymo Label Printer I just printed envelopes in the following way without the need to get special programmes:


First, take out your paper from the printer and place your envelope in it with the flap facing upwards and move the slider across till it touches the edge of the envelope.

Now save the address to your clipboard.

Then press alt m (for mail) and e (for envelope) and the press enter on the first option, which I think is envelopes and copy the address into the edit field.

Then tab down to print.


Hopefully the job is doen.


But I have to say my Dymo label printer is one of the most useful gadgets I have ever purchased.



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