Re: question about web visum

Soronel Haetir

Must be you, I have FF 10 and webvisum works without any more touble
than it ever has (in that if I visit too many pages it stops working
until I close them all and restart FF). I did not even experience the
reinstall requirement that someone else mentioned having.

Having you tried that, going to and reinstalling the plugin?

On 2/6/12, cecropia64 <> wrote:
hi folks. this may be alittole off topic but i have a question for you
web visum users. i'm using firefox 10 and web visum 9.1. whenever i go
online, i get an error message that one of the parameters in web visum
is missing. is this jaws related or web visum? also, does anybody have
any clues as to how i can fix this? thanks

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