Moderated Re: Addressing envelopes

Gerald Levy

You are not making any sense.  You cannot print an envelope without some kind of program.  You cannot simply place an envelope in the printer and print an address on it without launching a program like MS Word to print it.  So which program are you using?


On 11/6/2019 3:56 AM, CJ &AA MAY wrote:

Until I bought my Dymo Label Printer I just printed envelopes in the following way without the need to get special programmes:


First, take out your paper from the printer and place your envelope in it with the flap facing upwards and move the slider across till it touches the edge of the envelope.

Now save the address to your clipboard.

Then press alt m (for mail) and e (for envelope) and the press enter on the first option, which I think is envelopes and copy the address into the edit field.

Then tab down to print.


Hopefully the job is doen.


But I have to say my Dymo label printer is one of the most useful gadgets I have ever purchased.



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