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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

In my version of Outlook it is called “collapse the ribbon”, not “minimize”.



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Subject: Re: Is the following a bug with 2020?


Hi Robin,


It sounds like the ribbons are minimized.  Try the following:

To navigate ribbons more efficiently the ribbons need to be maximized.  The keystroke is, control + F1.  This keystroke is a toggle so, this keystroke
will maximize & minimize the ribbons.
To check if the ribbons are minimized / maximized do the following:
1. Press the, Alt key, to open the ribbons.
2. Open the context menu with either the application key or, shift + F10.
3. Arrow up or down to the, Minimize, option.  If, Minimize, is checked, the ribbons are minimized, pressing, enter, on this checkbox, will uncheck it
&close the context menu, & your menues will now be maximized.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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Subject: Re: Is the following a bug with 2020?


Not sure if it's related, but I recently noticed that I'm having a weird bug with the Outlook ribbon on my home computer.  I wasn't sure if it started after a recent upgrade to Office 2016 or to JAWS.  In my case, pressing alt to go to the ribbon tabs where I should be able to left and right arrow across the various tab options no longer works right. When I press Alt, it immediately jumps to the lower ribbon.  I cannot seem to get focus to the upper ribbon. To get to the view ribbon, I have to press alt V.  I'm not seeing that here on my work computer, but I'm also likely on a slightly different version of Outlook and still on JAWS 2019 here.  I'll have to turn off JAWS and see if the issue persist with Narrator.

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Subject: Is the following a bug with 2020?

Hi to all.
I've noticed the following while using 2020 and the menus.
For example.
I just tried to do a alt v to go to the views menu to go down to click on conversation and to delete by subject.
As soon as I try to route pc to jaws to see the options in the view menu it goes out of the menu mode and back to the list of messages.
Yes, I'm still using WLM for my mail package.
Any thoughts on how to fix this would be deeply appreciated it.
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