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I think it would be easier to press Windows+r, type narrator and press
the enter key. to get rid of Narrator, just press the exit button in the
Narrator window, and then press space bar on the yes button..

in addition to the above, pressing Windows+u and then alt+n started
Narrator, but exiting Narrator still required alt+tabbing to the
Narrator window and pressing space bar on the exit button. and then
pressing space bar on the yes button.

pressing Windows+enter applied to the earlier versions of Windows 10,
and eventually was changed to control+Windows+enter in later versions of
Windows 10 as to expand and improve Narrator's capabilities.

On 11/5/2019 10:22 AM, Chris via Groups.Io wrote:
I think he meant windows key+enter together to toggle narrator on or off

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Thank you but that does not work in Windows 7.


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That is the toggle for Narrator, whether you start it from the edit box
or if you start and stop it with that keystroke.



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Thank you …… How do I turn it off?


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Hello Laura:

To start Narrator in the current session of Windows 7 but, not have it
start each time Windows 7 starts, Tap either WINDOWS KEY, type
"narrator" (without the quotes), then press ENTER.



Dave Durber

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Thank you for the info.  Narrator came on but it didn’t help.  When
I pressed tab, narrator would say tab and when I pressed up or down
arrow it would say up arrow or down arrow.  Jaws won’t speak on that
computer and I thought narrator might help me figure out why.  That
computer has Windows 7 and Jaws 16.  I guess I’ll have to wait until
I have sighted help available to tell me what’s on the screen and
get Jaws speaking.


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Hi, Laura. There isn’t one shortcut in Windows 7 to turn on
Narrator. Try the following:

1. Press Windows key plus U

2. Press ALT plus N.

3. Press ENTER.

Bill White <>

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*Subject:* Turning on narrator in Windows 7


Would someone please give me the shortcut keys for turning narrator
on and off in Windows 7?  Thank you in advance.


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