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Mike B.

Here's how you can put a shortcut icon on your desktop and you could then assign a keystroke to it.

You don’t really need an icon for narrator on your desktop, as control windows enter will both stop and start narrator. If you still want to place an icon, here’s how.

To place an icon for narrator on your desktop, do the following.

Press windows R and type:


Press enter. Find narrator in the list of applications. Press the applications key, or shift f10. Arrow down to open file location and press enter. Press the applications key again and arrow down to send to, sub menu. Press right arrow to open it and arrow down to, desktop create shortcut and press enter.

This will do it.


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Hello Bill and Laura:
If you want to run Narrator on the fly but not to have it run each time Windows 7 starts, Tap the WINDOWS KEY, type "narrator" (Without the quotes)and press ENTER.
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Hi, Laura. There isn’t one shortcut in Windows 7 to turn on Narrator. Try the following:


1. Press Windows key plus U

2. Press ALT plus N.

3. Press ENTER.


Bill White



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Would someone please give me the shortcut keys for turning narrator on and off in Windows 7?  Thank you in advance.




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