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paul lemm


As glen mentioned, place markers are really helpful for web based software
like this. I've worked in various companies which use these types of systems
for sales, bookings etc. when I first start and get an understanding of the
software and the fields I'll use and in which order, I'll set place markers
everywhere over pages I'll need to access, and use the 'find next place
marker key' every time I need to jump to the next section/field I need to
get to if its not the next field jaws would naturally take me too using the
tab key. I don't believe my company had anything specially scripted for me,
but again like I said I don't know how many of sales forces features our
company/my particular department used and it was two years ago now at
least, so things could have changed since then. I never tried the iPhone app
for sales force though.


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I have had trouble with Sales Force. Our company uses it but it takes me
more time to find the right fields to enter data in than my work load and
frustration level can tolerate. Some companies who are using it have had it
scripted for the portions they use. But the companies I know have done that
have quite a few visually impaired employees.
Some of SF works with the i-phone ap, but not enough to make it work well.
Just yesterday I got a contact referral as sales force who has been hired to
help with blindness issues. If anyone wants to write me off list, when I
get further into see if he can help in our situation, I can keep you posted.
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Hi Anne,

I used Sales force in a previous job, only for a short while though. I think
I remember it being a web browser based software. I didn't have any
problems using it with jaws, it seemed to work fine. We mainly used it for
recording data of clients/customers , keeping track of outstanding work and
new incoming sales leads. It was a few years back though, so I don't
remember it fully and not sure we used all aspects of sales force, but like
I said the bits I did use I had no problems with jaws.


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Is anyone familiar with Sales Force software? Does it work with JAWS?


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