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Howdy Marty,
See if this helps:

Cursor and Mouse Commands for Laptop Layout

Summary: Cursor and mouse commands for laptop layout. Column one contains the description and column two contains the keystroke.


table with 2 columns and 18 rows



PC Cursor

CAPS                 LOCK+SEMICOLON 

JAWS Cursor

CAPS                 LOCK+P 

Invisible Cursor

CAPS                 LOCK+P twice quickly 

Route PC Cursor to JAWS Cursor

CAPS                 LOCK+APOSTROPHE 

Route JAWS Cursor to PC Cursor

CAPS                 LOCK+LEFT BRACKET 

Restrict JAWS Cursor

CAPS                 LOCK+R 

Left Mouse Button

CAPS                 LOCK+8 

Right Mouse Button

CAPS                 LOCK+9 

Left Mouse Button Lock


Right Mouse Button Lock


Drag and Drop

CAPS                 LOCK+CTRL+8 

Say Active Cursor


Say Cursor Type


Mouse Down

ALT+SHIFT+DOWN                 ARROW 

Mouse Left

ALT+SHIFT+LEFT                 ARROW 

Mouse Right

ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT                 ARROW 

Mouse Up

ALT+SHIFT+UP                 ARROW

table end


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How do I turn on the JAWS Curser on a laptop with no numpad?

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