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Hi Don,

I must say I'm not much of a TV watcher, but here is what I found:

1. I open Google and put in the address bar and press enter
2. The website opens and pressing "1" for heading level 1 puts me on the following:

Join us on Facebook (Facebook is a link), Graphic Coronation Street on CBC
Get a sneak peek of the new way to watch Coronation Street! (that is just text) features enhanced quality, better sound, and greater accessibility. (that is a link)
Try it today! (just text)
Watch full episodes of Coronation Street (again this is a link)

It doesn't seem to matter whether I click on the link " features enhanced quality, better sound, and greater accessibility" or on the link for " Watch full episodes of Coronation Street", both take me to the CBC Gems website, but it doesn't load Coronation Street.
So, here is what I tried next on the CBC Gems website:
1. I pressed enter on the "Search Shows toggle button", this opens an edit field and I typed in "Coronation" and pressed enter
2. If I now check the page I find this:
Edit Has Popup menu coronation
Then there is a blank line and then:
Showing 2 results
3. I press enter on the pop up menu it and when I arrow down I find two links:
Coronation Street link
The Coronation link
4. I press enter on the "Coronation Street" link, then after a moment if I use "h" for heading or "1" for heading level 1 I find the following:

heading level 1 CORONATION STREET

Now streaming the uncut "full English" UK version! The world's longest-running primetime serial drama, Coronation Street is the story of everyday life
in a small, tightly knit community, and all the love, passion, deception, greed, and intrigue that entails.

List box

The tricky part now is that this list box contains all the episodes, but pressing enter on it and then trying to arrow doesn't seem to work. But if you press enter on it and then tab you seem to be abel to get to the episodes, here some examples:

List box- I press enter and then tab:
Episode 9904 Link
Imran visits David in prison. An angry Craig confronts Bethany. Adam worries about Daniel's state of mind. (Originally aired October 31st) Duration: 22:31
Episode 9903 Link
The police question David. Bethany is consumed with self-loathing. Sinead begs Daniel to be honest with her. (Originally aired October 30th) Duration: 22:32
Episode 9902 Link
Max apologizes for his behaviour. Bethany finds a distraught Daniel sobbing in the ginnel. David calls Shona from prison with a request. (Originally aired October 29th) Duration: 22:11
Episode 9901 Link
To Shona's delight, Max calls at No.8. Bethany gives Sinead a makeover. A riot breaks out in the prison. (Originally aired October 28th) Duration: 22:21
Episode 9900 Link
Bernie and Rosa set off for the hospital with Gemma. Kirk comes up with Christmas plans. Abe urges David to have his revenge. (Originally aired October 28th) Duration: 23:33
Episode 9899 Link
Gemma is horrified to see her picture on the front of the Gazette. Bethany struggles with her story for the writing course.(Originally aired October 25th) Duration: 22:55
Episode 9898 Link
Bethany quizzes James about football. Marion calls Shona an unfit mother. The midwife gives Gemma the all-clear. (Originally aired October 24th) Duration: 22:30
Episode 9897 Link
Sinead's determined she's well enough for a family picnic. Alya agrees to help Ryan out at the bistro. Shona calls for an ambulance. (Originally aired October 23rd) Duration: 22:20
Episode 9896 Link
Kevin listens to Mimi's stories through gritted teeth. Liz and Eileen bury the hatchet. Daniel finally surrenders to his tears. (Originally aired October 22nd) Duration: 22:15
Episode 9895 Link
Daniel and Sinead attend a meeting with the oncologist. Ken arrives in the Rovers for his party. Sinead shares her news with family and friends. (Originally aired October 21st) Duration: 22:29
Episode 9894 Link
Maria rows with Michelle over her parenting skills. Ryan puts pressure on Ali to seek professional help for his addiction. Gary accuses Sarah of jealousy. (Originally aired October 21st) Duration: 22:24
Episode 9893 Link
Claudia and Emma hear the smoke alarm going off in Maria's flat. Dev takes a reluctant Asha to see the doctor. Michelle persuades Robert into a last-minute holiday. (Originally aired October 18th) Duration: 22:20
Episode 9892 Link
Gemma begs Paul not to leave. Dev tells Mary how Asha's been lightening her skin. Robert secretly phones Ray's hotel company. (Originally aired October 17th) Duration: 22:26
Episode 9891 Link
Dev bans Asha from attending her rehearsal after school. Fiz comes up with ideas to bolster trade at the furniture shop. Debbie urges Sophie to follow her heart. (Originally aired October 16th) Duration: 22:25
Episode 9890 Link
Debbie attends the reading of her Aunt's will. Asha goes on a date with Riley. Summer finds Paul heading to the tram stop with his bags packed. (Originally aired October 15th) Duration: 22:20
Episode 9889 Link
Billy leaves Paul at the police station. Kel lies to the police. Gary struggles to look after Jake whilst running the shop. (Originally aired October 14th) Duration: 22:25
Episode 9888 Link
Jade feeds Evelyn a sob story about her terrible marriage. Adam insists Ryan is covering up for Gary. Asha starts work in the kebab shop. (Originally aired October 14th) Duration: 21:53
Episode 9887 Link
Sophie receives gifts for her first day at college. Adam offers Ryan cash to come clean. Sarah arrives back from Milan. (Originally aired October 11th) Duration: 22:18
Episode 9886 Link
Izzy interrogates Gary about Derek and Rick. Leanne gives Max a pep talk. Amy and Asha receive an email with the audition results. Hope's live-in tutor arrives. (Originally aired October 10th) Duration: 22:23
Episode 9885 Link
Adam and Imran remain determined to nail Gary. Paul flies off the handle at Billy. Tyrone and Fiz worry how they will make ends meet. Shona visits David again. (Originally aired October 9th) Duration: 22:19

I have no idea if there should be more, I think that is 26 episodes, but that seems to be all there is.
By the way, if you have an iPhone you might want to try the CBC Gems app.


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