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Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi Sieghard.

First of all this seems to be something which appears to be quite
unique to you since I can easily add stuff to the dictionary.
How many entries are in your dictionary? If you like, I can privately email you my dictionary and you can try adding entries to it.

Furthermore, I am on the private Jaws beta team and I have heard about
no such bug, in fact, another member of said beta team posted a
message today referring to your post on this list asking if this is a
problem for others.
Since the problem is occurring on both my desktop and laptop, I can only conclude that my dictionary file is the problem. However, everything about it looks fine. All the entries have the same syntax; none use uncommon characters besides accent marks for foreign words. So, if my file is the problem, I'm itching to find out how to correct it without losing 1100 entries.

I know It can be frustrating when you encounter an issue which
prevents you from doing things the way you are used to, I spend a lot
of time, in fact, about 2 years corresponding with various people from
Vispero before somebody said they would take this on because they felt
it would be of use not just to me but also to many other people who
use older software for work or their own business. One thing I found
is that it always pays off to approach a company using a reasonable
tone, laying out the problem and letting them know that you understand
that they also are busy, have priorities and they may not get to your
issue right away.
I've always used a cordial and professional tone with every Vispero employee with whom I've interacted, since I know that only the development team can actually look into these issues.
Still, my problem is not just about my inconvenience; it's about what we may need to know in the future when our dictionaries become ever larger. No one wants to part with thousands of entries that have taken years to assemble. So, if there are indeed corrupted portions of JDF files, we need to know how to spot and fix them.
Orlando Enrique Fiol

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