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Hi Orlando,

First of all this seems to be something which appears to be quite unique to you since I can easily add stuff to the dictionary. Furthermore, I am on the private Jaws beta team and I have heard about no such bug, in fact, another member of said beta team posted a message today referring to your post on this list asking if this is a problem for others.
As for Vispero not caring I also have to disagree. I have had some major problems with my point of sale and accounting software which both is legacy software. Under Windows 7 I could read and do a lot with the Jaws cursor which does no longer work in Windows 10. I contacted Vispero with this and they have assigned one of their developers who happens to be in Germany where I am also from originally to investigate this because it is also an interesting issue for them because they feel that if they can get the Jaws cursor to read this information again it will also help them overall to bring back more functionality as we knew it in Windows 7. It is quite a process to get this software up and running because first one has to install SQL, then the software, then about 4 updates and fearture packs as well as two pieces of additional software which piggybacks onto the database and which add functionality. I provided all this to the developer via Dropbox as well as an older backup of my retail store's database and he has already made progress which I know also translates to other applications.
I know It can be frustrating when you encounter an issue which prevents you from doing things the way you are used to, I spend a lot of time, in fact, about 2 years corresponding with various people from Vispero before somebody said they would take this on because they felt it would be of use not just to me but also to many other people who use older software for work or their own business. One thing I found is that it always pays off to approach a company using a reasonable tone, laying out the problem and letting them know that you understand that they also are busy, have priorities and they may not get to your issue right away. Jaws 2020 public beta has only been around for a month or so and if there really is an issue which is not caused by a unique problem or configuration on your system I am sure they will get to it. In the next Jaws update another issue which has come up on this list from time to time will be fixed, sorry, I can't say what because I agreed to not disclose private beta related stuff, but believe me, Vispero and their developers are working hard on fixing stuff and adding features.

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At 06:49 AM 10/30/2019, David Goldfield wrote:
>I'll admit that I was one of those users who was initially >disappointed at what I perceived as a minor update without the >earthshaking large feature set I was hoping to see in the initial 2020 >release. However, I thought better of it when I considered what we >experienced with the 2019 release cycle. The initial 2019 update also >didn't contain a huge amount of new features but we certainly saw that >new features were added over time during the 2019 update cycle, such >as the picture smart feature. I know that JAWS users are used to >massive feature updates when the new release is launched, followed by >a series of minor maintenance updates during the year. What I think >we're seeing are features which roll out over time, rather than one >big update containing 25 brand new features all at once.

I'm more concerned about old features continuing to work than new features. Ever since the first beta and now with the official 2020 release, I cannot add dictionary entries to my default file, nor can I associate another file as my default dictionary. My only recourse is to add entries manually to the file in Notepad, which is tedious and time consuming. How can such a basic aspect of screen-reading software go unnoticed and unattended, especially since I've reported this problem since the first beta, and sent Vispero Support detailed crash dumps? Answer: They just don't care. Software developers only listen to us when we threaten to withdraw our financial support.Orlando Enrique Fiol Ph.D. in Music Theory University of Pennsylvania: November, 2018 Professional Pianist/Keyboardist, Percussionist, Arranger, Performer and Pedagogue
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