moderated Re: a couple of Jaws questions

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 12:48 PM 10/30/2019, David Pearson wrote:
Had latest Jaws (2020 downloaded(via tandem) this morning. 2019
version still remains. Should the older(2019) version be deleted, and if yes, what's the best method to do this?

Add/remove programs or programs and settings, right in Windows. If you type "add" or "remove" in to the start menu search field, you'll hear the result and be able to launch the Windows uninstaller. You can also uninstall programs from the disc cleanup utility by switching to the second tab rather than the first, where all the cleanup options are set. Here, you get a list of your installed apps, where you'll undoubtedly find JAWS 2019.

Further, when the new(2020) Jaws version starts, it says something
about an older version being detected, and asking me if I want to "import/migrate settings". Is this anything to be concerned about, and should this have been done via the tandem session when the 2020 release was installed?

Not necessarily. Some users keep multiple JAWs versions on the same system, each with different settings. I personally don't do this because I usually don't want or need older JAWS versions for anything. However, with 2020, and with the previous three betas, I haven't been able to save dictionary entries using the dialogue. I can only save the manually. So perhaps, if I get really desperate, I can reinstall 2019 solely to have a working dictionary dialogue.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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