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JM Casey


No need to remove the old version -- you may find it useful someday if
something isn't working right. There's also not much need, in my experience,
to keep numerous old versions of the screen-reader around -- but some even
still swear by JAWS 17 for certain things, so eh, it's up to you.

The other thing is also up to you --- you have configuration files in your
old jFW. JAWS can "import" those settings to the new one. Say "yes" and
you'll never see that message again.

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Subject: a couple of Jaws questions

Hi List:

Had latest Jaws (2020 downloaded(via tandem) this morning. 2019 version
still remains. Should the older(2019) version be deleted, and if yes,
what's the best method to do this?

Further, when the new(2020) Jaws version starts, it says something about an
older version being detected, and asking me if I want to "import/migrate
settings". Is this anything to be concerned about, and should this have
been done via the tandem session when the 2020 release was installed?

Thank you,

David S. Pearson.

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