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David Moore

Hello David! The best way to unzip any file, even a RAR file, is to install a nice little program called 7-Zip. When you install 7-Zip, go to the file you want to unzip  it. Press the applications key or hold down shift and press f10, and down arrow to 7-Zip submenu. Press the right arrow, and arrow down to the second choice, I believe, to on zip the file in the same folder that you are in. That is it! If you have Windows 10, you can press the applications key on the file you want to unzip, and down arrow to extract. You just press enter on extract, and tab to the okay button, and the file will be unzipped. I use 7-Zip though, because there are more choices to unzip the file then there are using the Windows 10 extract. I hope that helps, just search for 7-Zip in Google, and I'm sure a link to download that will be right there. Have a great day, David Moore

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What is the procedure for "unzipping" a zipped file?

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