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The following solution might solve your problem.


JAWS & Excel - solution for reading cell contents with F2:


Problem - When editing cells in Excel, JAWS will not read the cell contents. JAWS will either stay silent or say “blank”.


Solution - This problem can be solved by unchecking the “Edit directly in cells” option in Excel options. The procedure to do this is given below.


1. In Excel, press Alt+F to go to the File menu.

2. Move with the arrow keys to Options or press the T key to move directly to Options. Press enter to open the Options dialog box.

3. Your focus will be placed in the listbox containing the various categories of options available under Excel. Use the down arrow key to move to the “Advanced” category.

4. Press tab to move through the various Excel options available under the Advanced category. When you land on the “Edit directly in cells” checkbox, confirm that the checkbox is unchecked. If it is checked, press spacebar to uncheck it.

5. Use tab or shift+tab to move to the OK button & press enter. Note that the Advanced category contains several options & you will have to press tab several times to reach the OK button.


NOTE - Turning the “Edit directly in cells” setting off does change things slightly for sighted users. When editing directly in cells is enabled, when F2 is pressed, the cursor appears in the cell itself. Text which would flow out of the cell flows to the right & then to the lines below. The cells covered by the overflowing text are hidden & the text in the cell is coloured to highlight cell references & brackets.

When editing directly in cells is disabled, when F2 is pressed, the cursor appears in the formula bar above the worksheet. Colouring of formula elements like cell references is also done in the formula bar instead of in the cell itself. Only the text which fits in the cell is visible while the cell contents are being edited.


Mr. Sameer Latey
Mulund, Mumbai

From: tek with prathmesh basatwar
Sent: Saturday, October 26, 2019 10:07 PM
Subject: Regarding Excel issue with jaws

Friends I have a problem whenever I am trying to to edit any sale in the Excel by pressing f2 ki sajav access with speech screen reader is saying just blank blind I am trying to to navigate between characters by pressing right and left arrow after pressing f2 on on any particular cell of Excel but job access with speech is not speaking the letters and characters which are in that particular cell which I want to edit that means I am not able to edit any sale in the Excel with job access with speech screen reader.
That is the problem I am facing with jaws.
Neither jaws nor nvda working while editing any particular cell of Microsoft Excel so I am not able to edit any particular sales data.
Please give me the answer you guys are my last ho thank you

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