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I don't doubt that social bonding is important, but the socializing can generate a lot of messages. I subscribed to this list in order to learn how to use JAWS better. There are a lot of other lists just for socializing. Let me suggest that the socializing, the economics discussions, the guide dogs discussions and the geography discussions be taken to the Say What You Feel list. There is no such thing as an off topic message there. To subscribe send a blank email to saywhatyoufeel-subscribe@... and reply to the confirmation email.

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I want to know why JAWS does not work well with Outlook on Windows 7.

FS does not provide an explanation as far as I can tell, so there is a tendency to wonder why organizations are dysfunctional. There are observed patterns in the tech industry and society that provide explanations of the dysfunction.

What is the other JAWS email list?

Some people like being ruled by control freaks, some like anarchy.

Most control freaks have hidden agendas.

Anarchy usually develops into a high quality experience if the group sees value in open discussion. When a list provides a quality experience people will usually self-regulate behavior that is not seen as conducive to the group's higher purposes.

Human beings survived in an evolutionary sense because of social bonding. Social bonding is what makes humans human. It is the basis of intelligence (collective learning is more adaptive than individual learning).

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That's it! Enough is enough already! I've had it! So now this has become
a social chat room instead of a forum for discussing issues related to JAWS.
Where are the list moderators? It is absolutely mind-boggling that this
list has become a forum for discussing everything but JAWS including such
off-topic issues as guide dogs, economics and God knows what else. This
nonsense is certainly not tolerated on the other JAWS list, so why is it
allowed on this one?

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