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I use Windows 7, but I'm sure there is a similar way to do this in Windows 10.
But when you plug something in, you should get a dialog that says what did you just plug in, and you get to select whether it is headphones, speakers or a microphone.
Usually there is a checkbox that you can check to not ask this in the future.
I think you need to change that back to the default, so you get that dialog when you plug it in.
It's a windows action that you need to change to the default action, which is to ask you when you plug it in.
Or if you did not check that box, maybe that dialog is there, and you need to alt + tab to it when you plug something in.
I don't know which item it lands on in Windows 10, when that dialog pops up, but if you know how many arrows to your desired option, you may be able to do that too, but you should have speech for this.

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On 10/25/2019 15:45, Phillip Gross wrote:

Okay so I can’t claim this is just a jaws issue because it seems to be both a jaws and NVDA issue since they’re both installed and both provide similar results.


My computer is only a few months old, replacing another just like still under warranty that crashed, which was bought in early 2018 when it was new. It is a Surface Book Pro, running windows 10 pro, 8 gigs of ram, I don’t remember what sound card off the top of my head.


I have a set of Bose Comfort Bluetooth headphones which can either be plugged in or used Bluetooth but plugged in makes them sound a little better and lengthens the battery time on them. When I have them plugged after an hour or so my screen reader will quit speaking. I unplug them and my computer begins speaking through the speakers. I plug them back in and it’s like the computer doesn’t realize that they are there and continues speaking through the laptop speakers. I have ruled out the headphones being the issue by trying to plug another pair in. At this point I am either stuck moving to Bluetooth or restarting the computer to get it to speak through the headphones.


My guess is that it’s probably a hardware issue but has anyone ever experienced this with a screen reader and if so what was your solution?

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