moderated Re: Screen readers, my sound card, and a bunch of frustration

Chris Hill

First thing to do is see if there is a driver update for the sound chip.  If there is not, then you're probably just out of luck.  I suppose it could be the sound system itself failing, but good luck getting the manufacturer to admit it.

On 10/25/2019 15:45, Phillip Gross wrote:

Okay so I can’t claim this is just a jaws issue because it seems to be both a jaws and NVDA issue since they’re both installed and both provide similar results.


My computer is only a few months old, replacing another just like still under warranty that crashed, which was bought in early 2018 when it was new. It is a Surface Book Pro, running windows 10 pro, 8 gigs of ram, I don’t remember what sound card off the top of my head.


I have a set of Bose Comfort Bluetooth headphones which can either be plugged in or used Bluetooth but plugged in makes them sound a little better and lengthens the battery time on them. When I have them plugged after an hour or so my screen reader will quit speaking. I unplug them and my computer begins speaking through the speakers. I plug them back in and it’s like the computer doesn’t realize that they are there and continues speaking through the laptop speakers. I have ruled out the headphones being the issue by trying to plug another pair in. At this point I am either stuck moving to Bluetooth or restarting the computer to get it to speak through the headphones.


My guess is that it’s probably a hardware issue but has anyone ever experienced this with a screen reader and if so what was your solution?

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