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Thanks for the explanation. I was definitely confusing the home annual license with the home edition. Personally, since they seem to be discussing the home annual license quite a bit, I think they should rename the home edition something else to avoid confusion.


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You are confusing Home Edition of JAWS with The Home annual license edition. The Home annual license edition is a subscription version where you pay for it by the year. The Home edition is where you purchase JAWS and upgrade it with a SMA.
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The other difference between the home annual license and the pro that I don't believe has been mentioned is the home annual license is not perpetual. In other words, if you choose not to upgrade it when the year lapses, the software stops working. If you choose not to upgrade a pro license, it will continue to work because it is perpetual.

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I just got off the phone with fs to purchase an SMA. Good grief, upgrade price now is 300?

I’ve had pro since the day before forever, so I said forget it and purchase home for 150.

Besides the work settings, any other differences between owning home or pro?

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Kimsan Song


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