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There is also a “Picture Smart with Jaws” option on the context menu just before “Convenient OCR”, but if you are on an image file in File Explorer, bring up the context menu with Shift + F10 and select Picture Smart with Jaws, it only opens the image. This is in Jaws 2020 which is currently the only version of Jaws I have on my home laptop. I’ll check in a bit when I’m at work if this works with Jaws 2019, but it used to and if so I’ll file a bug with Vispero for the Jaws 2020 Beta.


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According to the help within Picture Smart, apparently not.

For the command insert+spacebar, p, then b, it says: An image on the clipboard can be described using the letter B


So, You just have to initiate that command while the image is “on the clipboard”.

If you use alt+printscreen, you can sve the image in your Pictures folder in a subfolder called Screen Shots.

Then, navigate to that folder and focus on the image file, and use the insert+spacebar followed by p then f for file.





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Do I not have to save this into my file of choice first?


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insert plus spacebar then  p then B.

On 10/24/2019 5:30 PM, Rick Mladek wrote:

Hi all,


I have been playing around with the prppint screen of which I have activated screen snipping when I do this.


When I go to my clipboard, the information is there for those who can see. However, is JAWS able to read this information captured? Picture Smart not able I believe, how would I read this information?







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