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mattias <mjonsson1986@...>

no it not work in the demo

it says it require a license

On 2019-10-24 22:03, Mike B wrote:

Hi Mattias,
It's in the J2020 demo and it's explained below.
Picture Smart for Describing Images with JAWS and Fusion
Picture Smart allows you to choose a photo and submit it to be analyzed. A description of the image is then displayed in the JAWS Results Viewer
Descriptions might include details such as the number of people in the photo, recognizable landmarks, landscape details such as "outdoors with a
blue sky and green grass," if there are vehicles such as automobiles or trains, and
more. If there is text in the picture, it will OCR the text and provide that as well.
To use Picture Smart, press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by P. Once the Picture
Smart layer is active, the following keystrokes are available:
list of 5 items
• A - Open the Picture Smart dialog box where you can acquire an image from
a flatbed scanner or the Freedom Scientific PEARL camera.
• F - Describes the currently selected image in File Explorer. Supported
images include BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, or PNG.
• C - Describes an image associated with the current control. For instance,
a graphic on a web page or in an email message.
• B - Describes the contents of the Windows Clipboard if it contains an
• QUESTION MARK - Displays help for the Picture Smart layer.
list end
JAWS now also creates a new PictureSmart folder which is located in your user documents folder under My Pictures. If a single image is saved to this folder,
JAWS will automatically submit it for analyzing and display the resulting description.
To use Picture Smart, the "submit annonymous usage data" option must be enabled in Settings Center. This sends encrypted information to Freedom Scientific.
The images from Picture Smart are then submitted to the various services (such as Microsoft and Google) which analyze the images and returns the descriptions
back to us. These descriptions are then displayed in the Results Viewer. If you attempt to use Picture Smart and this setting is off, a message displays
prompting you to turn it on.
Note: Picture Smart is currently only available while in the English Language UI of JAWS and Fusion as the services that perform the image analysis do
not currently support international languages for descriptions of images. For users of localized versions of JAWS running in versions of Windows other
than English, you must switch the JAWS UI language to English to try out this feature. We plan to make Picture Smart available in more languages in the
future as these services continue to expand to include additional languages.

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but the feature is not avaliable in the 2020 demo

are not a demo just to try features?

On 2019-10-24 21:17, Richard Turner wrote:
Are you talking about Picture Smart? That is also in 2019.

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On Oct 24, 2019, at 11:59 AM, mattias <mjonsson1986@...> wrote:

I Heard about a feature in jaws 2020 called smart image or something
If i understand correct the feature is able to describe images
But i cant find anything about it in jaws help
Anyone no what i’m talk about?

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