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Annabelle Susan Morison

the code "ax" stands for a schwa sound in Microsoft SAPI. How would that be represented in JAWS?

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Subject: Re: Parameter For Pronunciations Of Syllables



You ask two separate questions. In the first, you inquire about the parameters, or controls, we can use in the JAWS dictionary to tell JAWS where to place emphasis. To my knowledge, Vispero has not provided JAWS users with such tools. Surely they have them, considering how well JAWS pronounces many words that go against convention, but we don’t have access to them. There’s a workaround that I’ll get to.


Your second question refers to the problem of a spelling that is pronounced differently in different contexts. Again, Vispero must have a way of making this happen, considering how JAWS handles a word like “read,” but they haven’t shared it with us. At any rate, to my knowledge they haven’t.


The workaround is typically the spacebar and the use of uppercase letters in the “replacement word” field. Taking your “progress” example, if you want the second syllable emphasized, either put a space before the “g” or capitalize that “G.” In general, the JAWS dictionary involves a degree of trial and error enhanced by experience. For example, I’ve found that doubling the consonant at the beginning of some words can bring about a desired effect, but not always.


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Subject: Parameter For Pronunciations Of Syllables


Hi, it's Annabelle.

Out of curiosity, does anybody know if there's a parameter you can enter within Dictionary Manager, or somewhere within JAWS, to denote the accurate pronunciation of stressed versus unstressed syllables in a given word? I know in the Microsoft SAPI's speech markup language, there are parameters for typing pronunciations of Primary Stress syllables (1) and Secondary Stress syllables (2), as well as syllabic markers (-), and that each letter or letter combination is separated by a space. For example, if there are two pronunciations of a word, like "Progress". "p r ax - g r eh s 1" or "p r aa 1 - g r eh s". How would I simulate this with JAWS?

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