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If you have your own business, use the Aira business option to get help from an agent. If you use JAWS, use the JAWS option to help you with inaccessible JAWS feature. Or, use a quick five minute Aira call to find the highlighted items.





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Subject: Identifying highlighted text on a web site



I received a  Email with a link to a policy from one of my suppliers.

When I entered  on the link, it opened in Chrome, which is my default browser.

Within this document, there are price lists and the Email states that the items that are either new or changed are highlighted in yellow.

I need to identify these items so I can compare them to our selling price.

I tried going through each line of the item lists and using JAWS key plus 5, but all said black on black.

Unfortunately I cannot provide the web site to you because the information is confidential.

Any ideas on how I may be able to identify these highlighted items?

Any assistance would be appreciated and thanks in advance.




John Doering
Pricing Analyst

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