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True, but what the poor "waste" on frivolities is a tiny drop compared to the overall waste.

For instance, in his criticism of "Vulture Capitalists", Rick Perry stated in an interview on Fox News, that 7 TRILLION dollars had been "wasted" by capitalists.

The poor have been told to conform to society, follow its norms, be quiet and play with "frivolous" toys, and shut up so as to not bother their Over Lords.

You have argued for dignity, but the "system" does not actually value dignity, it only pays lip service to it to cover up exploitation.

The propaganda that the corporate media wishes to promote is purely designed to get poor, working and middle class people to support their exploiters!

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My Nigerian blind friend marveled at how much money
so-called "poor" blind people he knew in America wasted on frivolities.

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