moderated Re: New Vocalizer Expressive 3.3 voices for JAWS

Richard Turner

I've not seen anything from Vispero.
Their web site has nothing about version 3.
That doesn't mean the company that makes them hasn't released new voices; but there is nothing from Vispero on this.

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On Oct 17, 2019, at 5:52 PM, Michael Munn <michaelrbms@...> wrote:

When did Vispero released the Vocalizer 3.3 voices? I never know they released another version of Vocalizer voices.



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Subject: New Vocalizer Expressive 3.3 voices for JAWS


I have a question.

Do any of you guys know what languages and voices for the latest version of Vocalizer Expressive for JAWS is If you are using Vocalizer Expressive, please give me a list of languages and voices that the new version of Vocalizer supports. Thanks!

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