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Everybody is vulnerable to hacking, to think otherwise is an illusion. The only person who is not is the one whose computer is not connected to the Internet and who never goes online.

Having your passwords in clear text in a Notepad file is asking for it, almost like writing them on a piece of paper and posting it to the fridge. Writing them down on a piece of paper (or putting them on a thumbdrive) and keeping that in a safe is actually pretty good, but I bet most people don’t do that, way too much trouble to open the safe each time you need one of your passwords.

Password managers aren’t perfect, but especially if  you enable two-factor authentication for the one you use it’s pretty good.


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I had the same kind of file on my PC. However, my personal Gmail account was just compromised so I moved my document with all my info to a flash drive and am going to use a password manager. I’m glad you’re not vulnerable to hacking. I am not going to continue taking that chance. Thanks, Norma



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I have not found a good one.  I use notepad and put site title, web, user name and password in a text file.    I use * to help with a search!  It only takes seconds to find what I am looking for and I don’t have to worry about for me and it’s reliable.



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