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John Covici

I was using keepass, but it no longer works on the mac and the ios
client (keepass touch) has some problems, its accessible, but not well

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Alan Lemly wrote:

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Sorry about being a bit late to the party.

I really like Keepass for managing my passwords in Windows. I find it is accessible with Fusion 2019 and JAWS. It is also free and you can read about it at the following link:

It's latest version is KeePass 2.43 which can be downloaded with the following link:

If you use an iPhone or other iOS device, Mini Keepass is the app which works with the Keepass .kdbx database file. You have to transfer the database file to your iOS device either using a Dropbox account or iTunes since Keepass doesn't
have a cloud service like 1Password. But it is free.

Here is a How-To Geek article on password managers you might want to read:

The article might be a bit dated and it is not written from an accessibility viewpoint but it does have some good information. Good luck with the selection process.

Alan Lemly

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Many thanks to everybody for your suggestions. Norma

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On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 06:43 AM, Robert Cole wrote:

Seconded in a big way. It also has iOS and Android ports and allows those versions as well as the PC version to use the cloud as the location for your encrypted password safe file, which is what I do. Any change I make to my password
safe either on my smartphone or any of my computers is reflected on all other devices as a result.

And you can't beat free and accessible. Password Safe and its ports don't have every one of the flashy bells and whistles of some commercial products, but it's way more than sufficient for my needs and does have quite a few bells and
whistles that I don't use.


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