moderated Beta 3 J2020.1910.37 Download Link + More

Mike B.

Hi All,
 Below is the download link for J2020.1910.37 Beta 3 and what's new in this release + a shortcut link to the Beta report form.
32 & 64 bit:
What's New:
The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 2 and Public Beta 3. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.
Updated BraillePen Display Driver
Added an updated driver from Harpo in Poland to support their New BraillePen 14 Braille device in addition to the previously supported BraillePen 12T.
Now, all models are supported by this driver.
Other Changes
list of 5 items
• The new "Virtual Cursor On/Off based on Browser Tabs" option in Settings Center is now turned on by default.
• JAWS now announces the currently selected menu in Google Docs when you activate a menu or use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW to move between menus.
• JAWS now indicates list items markers in Google Docs. For example, if your document contains a numbered list, you should hear "1, 2, 3," and so on as
you navigate the list.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS stopped responding when moving over a link in a Word document and a Braille display was connected.
• In Adobe Reader, when moving between pages in a document , addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS was skipping the first line of the new page.
list end
Beta Report Form Link:
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