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JM Casey

Just one more thing here.

The x86 folder is designated for 32-bit applications.

The one that’s just labeled “program files” is for 64-bita pplications.

On a 64-bit system, you will have both.

On my system, I have a freedom scientific subfolder in both folders, however the “x86” one is much smaller.

Looks like it may be the reverse, in your case, then.

That leads me to wonder if you did actually install a 64-bit version of jaws on that machine?

Anyway, if you check the “x86” folder, you should indeed see a lot ore JAWS-related files, if they’re not in the other one.




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Is it possible that your view is not set to list, and you might find more folders if you arrowed right?

On mine, both have more than two folders.

The X86 one is the main one, it also holds Open Book.

Or, perhaps for installations of Jaws since their new payment scheme, there are less folders, but I don't know why that might matter.




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This is the case.  There are 2 Program Files folders and the second one has X86 after.  There is no Freedom Scientific folder in the first one, but there is this folder in the one with X86 and it only seems to have the 2 sub folders in it.  Where are the rest of the JAWS folders?


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Hi Marty,

My guess that the computer in question is a 64 bit computer and the one you are used to has a 32 bit version of Windows running on it.

On 64 bit computers running Windows 64 bit, there are two Program File folders in the root of C:.

There is one that has (x86) after it, and there should be a Freedom Scientific folder in there too, and probably the one you are looking for.


BTW, this is how anyone can tell if they are running a 64 bit version of Windows, which of course will only run on a 64 bit computer.

If you don't have both Program Files folders, then your windows is 32 bit.



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Subject: The Freedom Scientific folder


I have noticed that there are several folders in the Freedom Scientific folder on my Windows 7 machine where I am running JFW 2019, but when I installed JAWS 2019 on my Windows 10 laptop, there are only the Error Reporting and Shared folders showing in the Freedom Scientific folder in Program Files on the laptop computer.  Why is this and how do I get the rest of the files to show?

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