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JM Casey

Ah yes. That works, and is faster.

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the way I know how to toggle between full speech and speech mute is to first make sure the verbosity is set to speech on demand.
then press insert+spacebar shift+s.

from now on, insert+spacebar s will toggle between full speech and speech mute.

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Subject: activating no speech with jaws 2019

There is a setting in, I think, “speech options” where you can switch
the insert-space, s toggle between “speech on demand” and “no speech”.

I have mine set to “no speech”, since I tend to use braille 99% of the
time nowadays and hardly use speech at all, but still want to be able to
turn it on quickly from time to time.

I have found that some scripts, notably, ones for Skype, break this
feature. As in, they will turn speech back on, and after this, the
toggle will not work at all until a JAWS restart. This is a bug of some
kind, which I will probably report; I just need to figure out which
scripts, exactly, are causing this. Anyway, other than that, it works
pretty well.

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*Subject:* activating no speech with jaws 2019


I would like to turn off speech during a hangout meeting.

I was trying to make souch profile to activate with insert+ctrl+s but
this seems not to work.

Is there a quick way to turn off speech for a time or in a specific

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